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Yana, from Kharkov (Ukraine)
Yana, 37
Kharkov (Ukraine)
Julia, from Vinnitsa (Ukraine)
Julia, 25
Vinnitsa (Ukraine)
Anna, from Yaroslavl (Russia)
Anna, 39
Yaroslavl (Russia)
Marina, from Zhitomir (Russia)
Marina, 32
Zhitomir (Russia)
Julia, from Sumy (Ukraine)
Julia, 25
Sumy (Ukraine)
Olesya, from Vitebsk (Belarus)
Olesya, 29
Vitebsk (Belarus)
Galina, from Krivoi Rog (Ukraine)
Galina, 60
Krivoi Rog (Ukraine)

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Anastasia, from Kharkov (Ukraine)
Anastasia, 21
Kharkov (Ukraine)
Olga, from Kremenchug (Ukraine)
Olga, 33
Kremenchug (Ukraine)
Valentina, from Krivoi Rog (Ukraine)
Valentina, 51
Krivoi Rog (Ukraine)
Elena, from Kharkov (Ukraine)
Elena, 39
Kharkov (Ukraine)
Elena, from Odessa (Ukraine)
Elena, 44
Odessa (Ukraine)
Galina, from Bobruysk (Belarus)
Galina, 56
Bobruysk (Belarus)
Julia, from Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Julia, 30
Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Ludmila, from Kremenchug (Ukraine)
Ludmila, 21
Kremenchug (Ukraine)
Marina, from Grodno (Belarus)
Marina, 31
Grodno (Belarus)
Galina, from Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)
Galina, 47
Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine)